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Resellerspanel has been in the Web Hosting Reseller business for over 14 years and know how much it takes to set up a successful hosting business on your own. This is why they’ve developed a program that helps you dive into the hosting industry with minimum efforts.

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Here is what differs RessellersPanel from the majority of programs offered online:

  • No Deposits
    No deposits are required from you whatsoever. The reseller hosting system is fully automated, so once you set up your prices and start selling, ResellersPanel will charge your customers directly and will send you the difference between your price and the wholesale price as a profit.
  • No Tech Skills Required
    You do not need to be a computer geek to start your own reseller hosting with ResellersPanel. The all-in-one Reseller Control Panel will help you set up your store, set your prices and manage all your customers with a click of the mouse.
  • 24/7/365 Support
    ResellersPanel provide a dedicated 24/7/365 support service to you as our partner and to your clients. The support team will be at your clients’ disposal on your behalf and can be reached through our ticketing system, via live chat and email, or by phone (during business hours).

The custom-built Hepsia Control Panel will help you and your clients manage your sites and domains with simple point & click and drag & drop actions.

Plus, you will have instant access to the daily backups of your data and to comprehensive website statistics.


The in-house built hosting platform is based on SSD drives and the ZFS file system, which is a guarantee for maximised site speeds, reinforced security and service scalability.

You and your customers’ sites will be in safe hands with us 24/7/365.


The all-in-one Reseller Control Panel revolutionises the commonly accepted reseller hosting model by putting all store management tasks under one roof.

You will be able to set up your store, to configure your portfolio, to define your prices and to manage your clients from one place!

Plus, you will not need to take care of the billing procedures, since ResellersPanel will do that for you automatically!


ResellersPanel have created a series of reseller hosting video tutorials, which will guide you through the process of setting up and managing your own hosting business step by step.

Also, on our site you will find a FAQ section and various reseller hosting and web hosting articles, so you could learn more about the challenges of the web hosting market.

Start Your FREE Hosting Business Now - Ready in Minutes

The Reseller Control Panel
All Store Management Tasks Under One Roof

The Reseller Control Panel is designed to allow anyone – from first-time visitors to experienced hosting veterans, to start and manage their hosting business and their store from one place quickly and hassle-free.

You can quickly configure your offerings, update your prices or even create a brand new hosting package with just a few clicks. What’s more, you can create and manage multiple stores at a time.

  • Easy to use Interface
    With its quick navigation options, detailed menu labels and easy-to-follow design structure, the Reseller Control Panel offers a zero learning curve.
  • Easy Store Setup
    The in-built store creation wizard will help you set up new reseller hosting stores in seconds. You can choose different billing currencies and storefront languages for all of them with ease.
  • Easy Coupon Generation

The coupon generator will allow you to create new sale coupons with a few clicks and to offer huge discounts to your customers. You can have multiple active sale coupons at the same time.

Start Your FREE Hosting Business Now - Ready in Minutes

All-In-One-Reseller Control Panel


From the Reseller Control Panel, you can easily manage multiple reseller stores in the same account, each with completely unique settings so that no two stores are alike.You can quickly set a default currency and language, a preferred data centre and even custom Control Panel branding for all your stores, all with just a few clicks.The profits from all your stores will be pooled within your account, so you can access them quicker.

Managing customers is really easy with the Reseller Control Panel.

You will be able to quickly filter your customers based on their account status – active, expired, expiring; or to find where exactly a specific domain name is hosted.

You will also be able to log into customers’ accounts from your Reseller Control Panel and to access their billing section (if you want to purchase something on their behalf) or their files (if you are a web designer and want to make changes to a website).


Each cloud web hosting account comes bundled by default with the Hepsia Control Panel.

This tool is also available with Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers.

The Control Panel offers multiple branding options so as to better match the look and feel of your online store.

You can specify a default colour scheme, layout, and even a default language for the Hepsia Control Panel with just a few clicks. What’s more, you can choose between different branding options for each of your web hosting stores.


In order to better analyse the performance of your stores, ResellersPanel offer you access to complete statistics for all the sales that you have made through your stores.

You can filter them based on store, date, product purchased, etc. In addition, ResellersPanel will keep records of all your sales forever.

Aside from the detailed billing stats, you can also check our traffic stats and see how your website is performing and your top referrers. You can check the traffic stats for all your stores with just a few clicks.


You can contact the technical support team at any moment – They are available 24/7, without a day off.

Plus, You’ll get a 1-hour support response time guarantee, so you will never have to wait for more than an hour for a representative to get back to you.

And it’s not just you who is supported.

Full support on behalf of your brand name is provided to all your customers, free of charge. This way, you can fully concentrate on your website and your business.


The Reseller Control Panel is also home to some advanced tools, which you can use to build your custom online store.

You can enable the Reseller API, which will allow you to connect directly with the hosting platform and to build your very own order form, to offer custom payment methods, etc.

You can also take advantage of the remote order and domain search forms.

You’ll also have access to a large collection of promo videos, which you can embed in your online store.

Start Your FREE Hosting Business Now - Ready in Minutes

Free Reseller Hosting WordPress Themes

WordPress-driven reseller hosting themes will allow you to create your own one-of-a-kind online store by taking full advantage of the amazing site building capabilities of WordPress.

There is 24 Responsive WordPress Hosting themes to choose from.
Visit: ResellersPanel To see all available themes.

The themes are SEO-optimized; offer multiple customizable inner and home pages and are completely free to use.

In order to use them, you need a domain name, a hosting account and a working WordPress installation.

    Choose from a variety of themes, which follow the latest WordPress design trends for business sites. More than 20 different layouts are available.
    Each page on your WordPress store will be fully customizable in terms of layout and content. You’ll even have full control over the URL structure of your site.
    Your WordPress store will have its own unique content generated specifically for you. Plus, you’ll be able to finetune it to your taste with a click of the mouse.
    Each page on your store will be SEO-optimized according to all industry standards and will help you compete for high search engine rankings right from the start.
    Managing your store will be like managing any other WordPress/CMS site. If you have no CMS experience, we have a special step-by-step tutorial for you.
  • 100% FREE
    The WordPress themes are available at no charge with each hosting account. You can access them from the WordPress themes section of your Reseller Control Panel.

Free ResellersPanel WordPress Plugin

The free custom WordPress plugin will connect your store with the ResellersPanel backend (the API) and will get information about the web hosting services that you are offering.

In this way, if you make a price change or if you disable/enable a web hosting service, this will be reflected on your website.

It will do all the work for you – you don’t need to know anything about working with APIs or even with PHP code.

Start Your FREE Hosting Business Now - Ready in Minutes